I did contract malaria the last few weeks I was in Uganda. This along with having to wrap my life up, say goodbye to Uganda and fly back home to the states to recover and pack for my semester in Chile, ended up draining more energy than I knew I could lose. Now that I have once again found my feet I will attempt to relate more of what a beautiful experience Uganda was and continues to be for me, as well as begin narrating what a completely different but equally amazing experience Chile has been so far.

First of all malaria really does suck. I didn’t know my body could be so weak for so long. For me malaria was a long couple of days with a high, high fever, 24 hours in bed with an IV and then some long weeks of dealing with a body that kept telling me not to eat and just to sit and sleep when all I wanted it to do was be doing and enjoying as much as possible. But bodies are pretty awesome and after some time mine found its way back to being more of itself again. Now thanks to many things I am back to looking and feeling like myself.


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