Home, for a mo

What a quick turn around. One moment I was in Entebbe, Uganda coming to terms with saying goodbye to such a special place, the next moment I was arriving sleep-deprived and exhausted in the Boston Airport. But even though I hadn’t truly slept for about a day and a half, my bed didn’t sound as enticing as a big plate of delicious, spicy Thai food. So my mom and sister took me straight from the airport to a Thai restaurant. Hot, spicy food was something I had really been desiring for along time, exactly two months to be exact. Posho and beans have their own taste and special place in my heart for being the food I shared with my Ugandan family. Nonetheless Thai food also has a special place in my heart because it is delicious and spice gets your heart pumping. After filling my belly past full, we made another detour before heading home. I am somewhat of an REI fanatic because outdoor adventure is awesome and therefore so is the equipment for it. So since there is a REI in Boston and none in NH we stopped there to look at backpacking backpacks since mine conveniently broke before I left for Uganda and I figured backpacking in Patagonia in Chile would be a bit miserable with a broken backpack. After some good time in REI we finally headed home where I received a warm hello from my pup and then finally crawled into bed and fell asleep. I wasn’t home for long, just 5 days really, but long enough to fill my stomach with as much home-cooked food and veggies from mom’s garden as I could and go hiking for mom’s birthday. The rest was full of errands, packing and readying my things and myself for the journey down south to Chile. While my time home was short, I appreciated it nonetheless. When you get out into the old New England mountains, New Hampshire has its on special charm to it. Even if a place is as far from foreign or exotic to you as home is, it still won’t fail to amaze you if you let yourself embrace it.


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