Saturday Rally

This last Saturday we went to San Antonio for a political rally. The elections in Guatemala are in just a few months and María’s brother is running for mayor. If I haven’t mentioned it before, María is the lady I am living with while in Guatemala. Also María is part of a group called FCN Nación that is trying to get a new man who isn’t corrupt named Jimmy Morales elected for president for Guatemala. So on Saturday we all piled into a van, which was overfilled with kids and moms wearing FCN Jimmy shirts, and drove to San Antonio. When we got there a big group of people gathered in a park under the trees to watch a promotional video for Jimmy Morales and listen to others speak about the FCN.

She was hiding in the tree and couldn't keep from smiling.

She was hiding in the tree and couldn’t keep from smiling.

But it ended up raining off and on as it is rainy season here so everyone was moved to the overhang of a building to listen to the speeches and watch the video. I listened for a while, María spoke about the future of Guatemala’s kids and such, so I listened to that, but then I will have to admit I am not really one for the political so I decided to slip out the back. I walked across the street to the park and decided playing with the kids was more entertaining than listening to the political speeches. Soon I had a trail of giggling tigers chasing me around the park, capturing me with their claws and then proceeding to let me go so they could chase me again. This chase game gave a new meaning to playing with your food before you eat it and now I have more respect for the food’s side of the story. The chase game was all fine and dandy until a cute 7 year old girl with dimples joined the game. Then I realized I actually had to do some real running since she could actually run pretty fast. After some time of that chase game I came back to the rally completely covered in sweat, which was quite amusing for the adults.

Esteban making funny faces at me and eating his frozen banana.

Esteban making funny faces at me and eating his frozen banana.

It was pretty funny because when I wasn’t being chased this one little guy would break down into the craziest fit of laughter. He would point in a direction and say ¡Mira! which means look. When I whirled around to look in that direction he was pointing he would laugh and laugh then do it all over again.

The pointing game.

The pointing game.

Pretty simple game for all the laughing it was causing, but I was fine with that.

They seem to think I am hilarious.

They seem to think I am hilarious.

This rally seemed to last for quite some time so by the time it ended I was pretty tired. But when we got in the bus to go back home the rally didn’t end. We drove in a caravan behind the little car covered in FCN posters and blasting songs about Jimmy Morales and other FCN candidates. We all drove blasting the songs, which at this point I had unfortunately committed to memory, waving out the windows and yelling for Jimmy Morales. As we drove off towards San Bentio the rally finally started to wind down. By the time we got back everyone was tired and the little kids were all half passed out, as were some of the adults. It was a full day for sure.

Peace signs up for Jimmy Morales!

Peace signs up for Jimmy Morales!


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