My Day

Late to the blog since wifi is a rare treasure, but here’s a clip from when I started working at the school a while back.

Maybe I got sweeter since coming to Guatemala or something because all the kids here seem to flock to me with big smiles. And after only one day of knowing them they come running yelling “Seño! Seño!” when they see me walk through the school gates in the morning, and give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I mean I know I am a pretty cool person, but I can’t say I expected this kind of treatment right away. A typical day consists of me walking to the little school by the house I am living in. When I get there a rush of kids greets me and then a teacher whisks me off to their classroom. The kids are all eager as they grab their English books and run out to sit in a circle outside around me. The third graders seemed to like the lessons where we draw animals and write their English names then play a game. It’s a game where all the kids are different animals and end up running around chasing each other, so good for rowdy third graders I thought.

After teaching some English in the morning I meet up with the gym teacher. One day the gym teacher and I gathered up a good sized group of girls and went out behind the school where there is a basketball court. Despite what everyone seems to think when they see me, I have never actually played basketball. But I gave it a pretty good try I would say when I played with the girls. They had quite the stamina because it the game seemed to lasted for about forever, but it is also possible that I am just a little out of shape I am not in the shape an am being out run by the kids now. Despite my less than perfect physical state, the girls on my team pulled through with the win. They were pretty feisty little basketball players. I do have to admit the teams were a little unfair and I ended up with the stacked one, but oh well.

After gym is recess. During recess slowly a group of kids will gather around me. On my first day, a group of girls came over to me hula-hooping. They were making it look really easy. They hula-hooped with 7 hoops around their waist and then proceeded to move the moving hula-hoops onto their necks, arms and legs, so I thought I would give it a try since I used to be able to hula-hoop no problem. But apparently I have lost my touch when it comes to hula-hooping because I couldn’t even hula-hoop with one around my waist. Oh well even through I can’t hula-hoop with them they still enjoy playing some soccer with me. Running around the play-yard, chasing a ball and yelling all the way, that I can do. It seems that the running around yelling part of the soccer game is more entertaining for the kids than the scoring a goal part because there is little running towards the goal and more chasing after whoever has the ball and laughing when it turns into a dog pile. When I am not running around like a fool sweating like a pig because it is always hot and humid here, I am answering the kids’ questions of, “How do you say this in English?” It seems that during recess I am also a walking dictionary. It’s pretty cute. There was one boy, who for some reason really wanted to learn what egg was in English. So throughout one recess he kept coming up to me and asking how to say egg in English. The following day he came back to me and repeated egg in English, so he had remembered. He then wanted to know how to say I want another egg. So I told him and he continued to repeat that throughout recess. I guess learning outside of class during recess can be more exciting than learning inside class.

After recess I go back to María’s house, eat some beans and rice and then try and stay awake, but end up falling asleep in front of the fan for a long nap. Seems like the kids, the running around and the heat put me straight to sleep.

Unfortunately I have no photos to add to this part of the blog because my phone decided it would be a good idea to take a swim in the ocean. So for now I am cameraless, but I plan to buy a cheap digital camera in San Benito so I can continue to document my trip.


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