Making Friends

Tada! I have made some friends. Be it that my group of cohorts consists of two and three year olds, mosquitoes, and a whole lot of ants, flying ants, black ants, big ants, but the worst would have to be the swarms of little red ants. These little suckers have really seem to have taken to me so much so that they have to say hello with a fat munch of my feet or any visible flesh whenever they can. Nonetheless I seem to be a hit with the locals, well the local insects that is. While I can’t say I reciprocate the ant’s relentless warm welcome, I do enjoy the human part of my company. My human cohorts and I like to spend our time playing hide and seek, dog and human chase, and mosquito and human hunt, where in both cases I am the helpless human being attacked. But in case you ever come across dogs and mosquitoes of these sorts I have learned that picking them up, turning them upside down and tickling them tends to counter the attack, but also prolong the process because once you start they won’t let you stop. Nonetheless it’s a good tool to have incase you encounter any of these giggling, curious, two legged critters.

I spy a real live tiger. Runnnn

I spy a real live tiger. Runnnn

Earlier in the week the woman I am staying with took me on a Tuc Tuc, to the market where I went vegetable and fruit crazy and bought food to last me the week. Tuc Tucs are covered motorcycles that have a two person bench in the back that zoom around picking up whoever needs a ride in exchange for a small fee. While in town I went by an art store and bought some supplies to see if I could add painting to the little giggling two legged critters’ agenda. I bought the supplies in the hopes that I might get a break from playing helpless human since I don’t seem to have the energy of a two or three year old kid anymore. The painting was a pretty big hit I would say. Although Emilio seemed to enjoy painting on every surface other than the paper, especially if the other surface was his body, but who can blame him paint is fun. Other than painting, we have also expanded our agenda to include skipping, one leg hopping, and jumping to the store, and cooking. So we really have pretty full schedules, with all the chasing, painting, skipping, and cooking. But it’s a good schedule I would say.

The kids making a Father's Day card.

The kids making a Father’s Day card.

For now I have just been getting acquainted in the community, working on my Spanish, taking care of a small group of children, and helping high school students build a shelter, bench, and counter for their school. But soon I will be starting to teach English classes and art classes for Kindergarteners, 1st graders, and 2nd graders and leading a running group of teenage girls. So I have decided that if I can make a deal with the incessant bugs, I will be pretty happy living here for the next 8 weeks.

I prefer El Lago Petén Itza to AC. It's more refreshing in tropical Guatemala, also more accessible.

I prefer El Lago Petén Itza to AC. It’s more refreshing in tropical Guatemala, also more accessible.


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