Friendly People

While my time clock is a bit off and my sense of direction somewhat askew for the moment, the colorful buildings, kind people, and sticky humidity tell me I have arrived in Guatemala. I cannot wait to explore the colorful buildings, once I get my feet under me and regain my sense of direction that is. And the kind people are something I am looking forward to getting to know more. I walked into a house today and the little boy, probably about two years old smiled at me, walked over to the counter, poured a glass of cold water, and waddled across the room to give it to me. I would have taken the warm smile, but water too, this little guy made my day, especially considering it is far too hot and humid for my temperate Pacific internal thermometer so that glass of water was heavenly. This little guy was just one of the many smiling and kind people I met since arriving in Guatemala. Maybe it says confused new kid in bold on my forehead because everyone seems to go out of their way to help and make sure I make it to the right place. And while horns seem to have taken the place of blinkers and passing anyhow anyway is the norm, I have yet to meet a taxi driver as accommodating in the states as I have here in Guatemala. Here in Guatemala it is tour, adrenaline rush, rollercoaster ride, and transport system all in one.

Aside from friendly people, I have also experienced the most awesome thunderstorms in my short time here in Guatemala. On the bus ride from Guatemala City to Santa Elena, I sat in the front of the bus and refused to let my heavy eyelids close because every few minutes outside my window lightning would illuminate the countryside. Coming from Oregon where rain is the norm, but storms are not, lightning is always awesome to behold. The fact that it was illuminating rushing rivers, wide fields, and towering volcanoes just made the experience even cooler. Here in the house I am living in, I have a tin roof, which gives falling asleep to the sound of rain a whole new meaning. It makes for a musical daily rain storm.

After the days of plane, bus, taxi, and motorcycle travel I am really looking forward to passing out in my new bed. So here is Buenas Noches all the way from San Benito.



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